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Paris 26 Gigapixels

Paris 26

Paris 26 is an interactive, hi-resolution panoramic tour of Paris. Check it out here: http://www.paris-26-gigapixels.com/index-en.html.

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Dropbox allows you to sync files and folders across multiple computers. Once you install the Dropbox client on your computers or devices (iPhone, iPad, Android), the contents of your Dropbox folder automatically sync between them. Your files also get backed up online, and you can restore previous versions of your files by logging into the Dropbox website. You can also set up a shared folder and any Dropbox user that you invite can add, edit and delete files within that folder. The basic Dropbox account is free and comes with 2GB of space.

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Print Friendly

PrintFriendly removed ads and navigation from any website, leaving you with a clean, print friendly version. You can choose to remove selected images or paragraphs from the print friendly version and then save it as a PDF. PrintFriendly offers a bookmark for easy access to its service while browsing the web and a PrintFriendly button that you can put on your own website.

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Nice Translator

Nice Translator

Nice Translator is an easy-to-use online translator. Nice Translator translates as you type and allows you to translate into multiple languages at a time. It currently has 51 languages to choose from and is powered by the Google Translation API. Check it out here: http://www.nicetranslator.com/

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