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Google Night Walk


Google Night Walk is an interactive mash-up of Google Maps, pictures, music, YouTube videos, and much more.  You are led through the Cours Julien, a neighborhood of Marseille, at night.  Julie de Mur, creator of another great French site Promenades sonores, is your tour guide, and French production designer Christophe Perruch narrates what you see as …

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Mozilla Popcorn Maker

Popcorn Maker

Mozilla Popcorn Maker is a video editing tool that allows you to “enhance and remix” existing video content.  You first locate the online video file that you want to edit, and then using Popcorn Maker’s editor you can add text, Wikipedia content, images, Flickr galleries, Google maps, Twitter feeds, and video effects (like pauses or …

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SpeakingImage allows you to bring interactivity to your images. You can add “points of interest” and “zones of interest” to annotate specific objects or areas in your image.  SpeakingImage’s annotation tool also lets you work with different layers, which allows your visitors to toggle specific annotations on or off. Check it out here: http://www.speakingimage.org/

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360 Cities


360Cities has a large collection of 360 degree panoramic photographs from around the world.  There is a little bit of everything: day shots, night shots, exteriors, interiors.  Here is one view of the Duomo in Florence as an example.  The site features a search in the upper right hand corner of the page that allows …

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Audioboo allows you to record or upload audio from the web or selected mobile devices (Android and iPhone).  You can also upload a photo and indicate a location on Google maps for each recording (aka “boo”).  Recording time is limited to 5 minutes per “boo,” but the great thing about Audioboo is that it creates …

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