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Zamzar is an online file conversion tool that allows you to convert video/audio files, images, text documents without needing to download any software.  Simply upload the file you would like to convert, choose the format you want to convert your file to, and type in your email.  The Zamzar site will email you with a …

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LiveMinutes is a free web conferencing platform that allows students to share a document (.ppt, .xls, .doc) or a virtual whiteboard and discuss it in real-time using in-browser audio and video or Skype.  Users can also optionally upload documents straight from their Dropbox or Box accounts. After the meeting is complete, LiveMinutes creates a PDF …

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PDF to Word Converter

PDF to Word

Have you ever had a PDF that you wished you could edit in Microsoft Word?  Nitro PDF Software has a free online application that allows you to convert PDF files to Word documents with all of its formatting in tact.  Simply select the PDF you want to convert, enter your e-mail address, and let them …

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Issuu lets you create Flash-based digital publications of books, magazines, catalogs, and more from uploaded PDFs. Check it out here: http://issuu.com/

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Print Friendly

PrintFriendly removed ads and navigation from any website, leaving you with a clean, print friendly version. You can choose to remove selected images or paragraphs from the print friendly version and then save it as a PDF. PrintFriendly offers a bookmark for easy access to its service while browsing the web and a PrintFriendly button that you can put on your own website.

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A.nnotate is an online annotation, collaboration and indexing system for documents and images. Instead of emailing different versions of a document back and forth you can now all comment on a single read-only copy online. The document is displayed in high quality with fonts and layout just like the printed version. It is easy to use and runs in all common web browsers, with no software or plugins to install.

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