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Dec 14

Mozilla Popcorn Maker

Mozilla Popcorn Maker is a video editing tool that allows you to “enhance and remix” existing video content.  You first locate the online video file that you want to edit, and then using Popcorn Maker’s editor you can add text, Wikipedia content, images, Flickr galleries, Google maps, Twitter feeds, and video effects (like pauses or …

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Mar 23


WeVideo is a web-based video editor.  You can upload video, image and audio files, and then optionally add in text, transitions, effects or a recorded narration using its built-in recording device.  WeVideo allows you to collaborate with other people on a video project and also lets you easily post your video creations to Facebook, Twitter …

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Mar 09


Vodburner is a free* Windows-based program that allows you to record Skype video calls.  The program features a built-in video editor that allows you to choose which video is displayed (“your side,” “their side,” or both sides) during playback and optionally add text, images and sound files to the video as well. *The free version lasts for …

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May 02



JayCut is a free, online video editor.  You can upload your own video (and image) files and optionally add transitions, text and audio.  Once you are finished working on your video project, you can download or publish it in a variety of ways and formats (e.g. .flv, .mp4 or .avi). This is a great tool …

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