batchgeoBatchGeo is a website that lets you create maps quickly and easily from spreadsheet data.  Simply copy and paste geographical data from Excel (or any other spreadsheet application) or from any table on the web into BatchGeo, and click “Map Now” to create a Google map of your data.  That’s it!  The map can then be embedded onto any other website.  BatchGeo also allows you to customize a few map options.  If you click on the “Validate & Set Options” button before clicking on the “Map Now” button, you will have access to these options.  If you clicked “Map Now” first, just scroll up and you will find the Validate & Set Options right above the populated map.  The free version of BatchGeo does have ads, but it can save you hours of time.  Paying for the Pro Version will remove the ads and give you access to many more features.

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