Clipping Magic

Clipping MagicClipping Magic is an online image editing tool that allows you to “magically” remove the background from your images.  There are apps available for iOS and Android that also do this, but Clipping Magic is the first website I’ve seen that can be used from any desktop machine.

First, upload your image (by dragging and dropping it onto the website or clicking on the Choose File button.  The left-hand side is your mark-up area; the right-hand side will show you a preview of how your image will look.

Next, select the green plus sign button at the top of the screen and draw lines on the objects in the foreground.  You don’t need to be precise at this stage.  Then, use the red minus sign button at the top of the screen to draw lines on the background (or the area of the image you want to remove).  Remember that the right-hand side of the screen shows you a preview of what your new image will look like.  Keep swapping back and forth between the green plus sign button and the red minus sign button to fine tune the edges of the objects in the foreground and the background.

When you are finished, click on the Download button to save your image in PNG format.  Clipping Magic will also provide you with a link that you can send others if you would prefer to avoid sending large image files via email.

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